Coursework 3 Swift Express Rental Commercial Ad

For New Media CMT3331 coursework 3, students were required to design a poster for any fictitious company of our choosing selling any product with the purpose of offering a discount. Accompanied by the poster a video commercial is also to be produced, showcasing the company’s brand and it’s product sold.

In this particular post, i am going to display the poster of my fictitious company, the social network plan for the company as well as the storyboard used in the production of the video commercial.

Swift Express Rental is a fictitious car rental and leasing company situated in Mauritius, Whose core business process is the leasing and renting of cars to individuals in need of personal transportation but do not own a personal car.


Poster for Swift Express Rental

StoryBoard for swift express rentals

Storyboard for Swift Express Rental

Social Network Plan for Swift Express Rental

the word document of the social network plan

Follow on Twitter: @SwifExpress

Facebook: swiftexpressrentals/


Book Cover Design

New Media  image084

This is the initial digital image that was taken with a Canon Power-Shot SX500 16.0 megapixels Camera before it was edited using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

This is the result of the book cover after it was edited using the Adobe Photoshop CS6. Colors used were in respect to Primary and Secondary colors. Brushes, Fonts and layout were all based on knowledge derived from online research  on book covers.

This is the 3D view of the book cover, showing the spine, the front cover and the aerial view of the pages in the book.

New Media Report